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P J Lee and Sons - we produce 3 types of crop;-

- Potatoes
- Winter and Spring Cereals
- Sugar Beet

Our Potato production has expanded to 3 planting teams due to the wide ranging soil types on our farms.

'We are proud of our cereal production', we have one of the most modern equipment 'Class Lexion 780' with 40ft vario cutterbar, 6m Kuhn Cobination drill and Vaderstat 4m.

1,800acres of land is available for our Sugar Beet which is transported by our own HGV’s to the sugar beet factory at Wissington or 3,200 for our own AD Plant at Mepal.


Potato production at P J Lee & Sons has developed over the years to include includes three planting teams. Due to the wide ranging soil types on the farms, a light land, strong land and stone teams have been formed. A huge mix of cultivators, 2 deep ridging machine, 6 bedformers, 11 soil seperators, 2 Structural high speed planters and 2x 6 row Standen potato planters….

Christopher Lee supervises the light land team consisting of cultivators,2 Basalier bedformers and two state of the art Structural Potato Planters. 
This team is extremely efficient as the kinder soils need less cultivation to create the perfect seedbed. With two men delivering liquid fertiliser and potato seed from the chitting sheds, only the weather can hold them back......

The second heavy land team is supervised by Andrew Lee. A huge mix of cultivators, 2 deep ridging machines,3 Standen bedformers, 8 soil seperators and 1 of the 6 row Standen potato planters all help to produce the perfect seedbed on the stronger soils.

The third stone team consists of a 1 Standen bedfomer, 3 Standen Unistars followed by the second 6 row planter.  

 Irrigation on the farm is from an array of Rivers, Drains and the surrounding ditch networks. On many of the farms there are winter storage reservoirs which all compliment the application of water. The farm runs as many as 40 irrigation reels depending on the season, some with booms.

Potato harvest is quite unique at P J Lee & Sons as due to the crop being only late harvest varieties, it must be harvested in a, as close to 6 week window. This is subject to frost and rainfall. Storage of the 44,000t+ is predominantly at Lee's Packhouse. There is a range of bulk and state of the art box storage, 32,000t, with the remainder at 12 other facilities across our land bank. We are always looking for potato land to grow on within 12-15mles from a satellite storage facility. We are growing in the from the West of Sutton, Thorney to as far as Lode in the East. Please contact us to discuss any options.....

The farm currently runs 8 harvesters, 6 being self-propelled Grimme machines. The flag ship models are the 3 Tectron, 4 row, 16ton bunker machines. These machine load directly into bulker trailers being towed in the field by the farms 2 power dollies. This reduces compaction in the fields and mud onto the highway. HGV’s cart the full bulkers away to the nearest storage facility. The entire crop is either transported by the HGV’s with 11 bulker trailers or by 36 tractor and trailers. One of the 5, 8ft Grimme Grading lines would then clean and grade the sample into either bulk storage facilities or boxes. We aim to harvest 100ac+ a day to ensure all machinery is being operated efficiently and ensuring the crop is stored away before the risk of frost. This also allows our landlords to drill a Winter Wheat in behind our crop in a timely fashion



The Cereal side of the farm demands us to have one of the latest Claas Lexion 780 combines with 40ft vario cutterbars. This machine is on tracks to minimise compaction to tenanted and owned land. Four, JCB Fastrac 4220’s pulling 15 ton AS and Western highspeed trailers transport the produce from field to dryer/store. The farm has two HGV’s and these are sometimes also required!

The dryer is situated at Sutton, and can dry up to 5% moisture off the crop at a speed of 40t/hour. Overhead conveyor belts ensure efficiencies in the shed space are met ready for the HGV’s to begin movements.

We can offer drilling services and primary cultivations due to our large portfolio of machinery. If you are looking to change your operating systems we at P.J.Lee & Sons could cultivate your land with our CAT challenger MT 875E and 5.5m Sumo Trio or even just drill with one of our RTK satellite controlled Vaderstat 4m or Kuhn 6m combination drills…..

We also have some smaller primary and secondary cultivation equipment which allow us to prepare the unique black soils found in the fens. From using auto-reset/high clearance ploughs in fields containing 'bog oaks' to rolling with large diameter 'fen' rolls, we have it all. Some of the lighter soils need to be drilled and rolled in a unique way which we are all well experienced in.



The farm grows in the region of 5,000 acres of sugarbeet which is transported by our own HGV’s to either Wissington Beet Factory (1,800ac)and 3,200ac to our own AD Plants. Competitive Beet harvest contracting is offered to surrounding farmers utilising our modern Holmer Terrados 6 row tanker machine. The farm has a selection of cleaner loaders which are placed on the pad sites to ensure minimum penalties for soil. 

We now offer a beet drilling service with our new Kverneland 18 row tramliner drill. This high output mulch drill can perform at high speeds and in conditions of high trash content. The tractor is equipped with a John Deere RTK satellite steering system to ensure a high quality of work. We are happy to quote for drilling and/or harvesting at any time, so feel free to contact us if you are looking to change your current operating system


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- Potatoes
- Sugar Beet
- Cereals