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P J Lee & Sons 

Been in business for around 45 years. The company consists of three generations, Peter Lee being the founder with sons Trevor and Richard, and Andrew and Christopher Lee the third generation.  Two Managers and one Estate Manager help to manage the 29 full time and up to 115 seasonal staff.

The farm has expanded over the years growing from a ‘handful’ of acres to in excess of 10,410 ac. The holding comprises of owned and tenanted farms in and around the Cambridgeshire / Norfolk boarders.

Cereals, vegetables and root crops are all grown with the potato crop being the flag ship! 

Highflyer Farms

Highflyer Farms are one of the largest individual producers in the UK, serving chip shops predominately the length and breadth of the country. Many of our potatoes also are exported to Ireland.

Highflyer Farms strive to produce top quality chipping potatoes for the industry and take pride in being one of the industries market leaders.

The main farm office is based at Highflyer Hall, Ely with the farms pack house being at Sutton Gault, near Sutton. The entire potato crop is either stored onsite at our pack house or on the other storage facilities in a 25 mile radius of Sutton. We have a range of stores to ensure continued quality from September to the end of June.

The Farm is always looking for areas to rent for their potato acreages and will travel up to 25 miles from any one storage facility to consider it viable

History of Highflyer

Tattersall's grand plan for Highflyer was built to make him rich, and it certainly accomplished its task. Tattersall would breed Highflyer to as many mares as possible, bringing in income from the stud fee (a practice for which he was criticised, as many thought he was over-breeding the animal and later pointed to Highflyer's death at 19 to be proof of that fact). To help accomplish this, he stood his stallion at his Red Barns farm for the initial fee of 15 guineas, eventually raising the fee to 50 guineas. Estimates have found that Tattersall made at least 15,000 pounds each year off of Highflyer breedings, from which he build a mansion at aptly named it Highflyer Hall.

 However, Tattersall was quick to credit the stallion with his financial success. When Highflyer died on 18 October 1793, he was buried in his paddock, and his owner gave the great horse the epitaph: "Here lieth the perfect and beautiful symmetry of the much lamented Highflyer, by whom and his wonderful offspring the celebrated Tattersall acquired a noble fortune, but was not ashamed to acknowledge it."

Highflyer was the Leading Sire for 15 years (1785–1796, 1798), during which time he produced 469 winners, including three Derby winners, three St. Leger winners, and an Epsom Oaks winner. Highflyer b c 1774 (King Herod - Rachel, by Blank). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 13. Highflyer was bred by Sir Charles Bunbury.


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